1 de diciembre de 2011

Journalism Dean, José Luis González, presented the UMH MediaLab, a production and research laboratory located in the building journalistic Torreblanca. The new space is to become a laboratory of ideas, innovation and participation for students and teachers. From MediaLab UMH are managed and Web pages Journalism degree , the research group GICOV [...]
16 June 2017
18 July 2013
The Second International Journalism Seminar has reached its third session with the presentation led by Carl-Georg Boge, owner and editor of Wochenpost and costa-info.de. In that talk, Boge has explain the main characteristics of his media company, headed by a monthly newsletter and a website providing information on the timeliness of the north coast of [...]
7 November 2012
The delegate in Elche’s Daily Truth has closed the school day conference on Wednesday with a talk on the production process of a local newspaper. Macia pointed out that over all meetings of the agenda and allocation of items, the most important in the creation of a local edition, is the meeting where a hierarchy of headlines. He also highlighted that now also included in the forecasts highlight the topics on the web, “in the forecast will decide what news photo and also what video”. For the local representative of this newspaper, the work [...]
15 December 2011
Gambín Santiago, the voice for many years accompanied the changes in ElcheCF Martinez Valero, has given a talk at theAula4 of Atzavares on local sports journalism students of 4 th degree. The veteran broadcaster has revealed changes in the world of football in recent years. Although stressed that many errors are repeated in history, such as the departure of shareholders, “Juan Carlos Ramirez is not just another bird that has taken ElcheCF, has gotten into the cage podium, and when he plucked completely and opens the cage to go. the difference is that courtsare now using, “said Gambino.
15 December 2011
journalist Cristina Medina has been worth the radio service that makes proximity to citizens. In this case, Medina has focused his speech on the editorial organization, business, program production and sources in relation to the Radio Elche , explaining the relationships between the different stations of the BE [...]
1 December 2011