Cristina Medina journalist defends the value of the radio proximity

ponencia, Prisa

1 December 2011

journalist Cristina Medina has been worth the radio service that makes proximity to citizens. In this case, Medina has focused his speech on the editorial organization, business, program production and sources in relation to the Radio Elche , explaining the relationships between the different stations of the BE in the Community and also the synergies that occur with the host broadcaster of Madrid. Cristina Medina pointed out that while these synergies are prevalent within the BE , however it is not between different modes of Grupo Prisa , the least locally. Similarly, the journalist, questions from the students of Journalism at the UMH, has said they never received pressure from the company and worked in complete independence for the past 15 years.

Cristina Medina leads the program Hoy por Hoy “ in Elche, has been a correspondent for El Pais in this city, and its class-conference was held in the framework of the subject Journalistic Production

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