The degree in Journalism from the UMH is one of the most dynamic of our young university. Beyond the classroom work, students are participants of this degree course after course of a relentless, almost frantic, with dynamics designed to secure the professional profile that best fits the new, complex, but also exciting time it has to live. Conferences, congresses, seminars, some in English, awards, journalism forums, courses, workshops, a program designed to make the student of Journalism at the UMH is in permanent contact with professionals and know first hand the media network that around them.

In this sense, the degree and in coordination with the Occupational Observatory promote professional practices, as well as national and international mobility. Stresses positive exponential growth Erasmus agreements, Fate and Sicue which are used year after year for our students, the most restless of all UMH when traveling, in line with our first Doctor Honoris Causa, journalist Rosa Maria Calaf.

UMH Journalism continues to grow, soon will offer its first official master, as already happens with the Ph.D. program of New Journalism Models. Within the research side, three facts already established. On the one hand GICOV (Group Communication Research of Valencia) who has specialized in the study and research of local journalism and online journalism proximity. GICOV within the other space has been born to do journalism and research in journalism, UMH MediaLab is based in the building physics Torreblanca. Finally, for the dissemination of research, Journalism UMH set two years ago to serve the scientific community the journal Communication Journal Miguel Hernández ‘(MHCJ). All of this miscellaneous forms young and enterprising spirit of Journalism UMH. Enjoy it on the Web and social networks of the degree

Prof. Dr. José Luis González
Vicedecano de Periodismo UMH

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