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Journalism released its new UMH MediaLab

Journalism Dean, José Luis González, presented the UMH MediaLab, a production and research laboratory located in the building journalistic Torreblanca. The new space is to become a laboratory of ideas, innovation and participation for students and teachers. From MediaLab UMH are managed and Web pages Journalism degree , the research group GICOV Journalism and the presence of social networks UMH Facebook and Twitter .




The presentation used to present Reporters : MediaLab News, the alumni magazine of Journalism at the UMH ‘ . Located in , ‘Reporters’ is a model publication for alumni of Journalism and where the main contents are prepared by students, scholars and teachers of this course.

Another new product

MediaLab are UMH Regional Information Communication Papers , the result of research work GICOV local journalism. In this case, 2 which is dedicated to the regions of Upper and Middle Vinalopó also be downloaded for free from the . umh.es . This second number and the third to be published in 2012 and focuses on the study of the state of communication in the district of Vega Baja, have the financial support for publication of the Fundación Miguel Hernandez.


Finally, Professor González highlighted as another important leg of the new MediaLab, the scientific journal of communication Miguel Hernández Communication Journal who will be in January two years and just be included in the valuation system RESH Spanish journals in social sciences and humanities, along with better communication journals in the country.


Miguel Hernandez Communication


integrated into the RESH Journal



journal communication ‘Miguel Hernández Communication Journal’ has just been included in the valuation system RESH Spanish journals in social sciences and humanities. The magazine, whose editor is the Dean of Journalism, Professor Jose Luis Gonzalez, is now serving two years, becoming part of a select group that controls 30 magazines RESH. This is an information system that integrates quality indicators for scientific journals of Social Sciences and Humanities and has emerged with the intention to converge the projects developed so far by the EPUC (Research Group for the Evaluation of Scientific Publications) CSIC and the EC3 (Group for Science and Communication Science, University of Granada). The Web platform containing the integrated assessment of the Spanish journals is hosted at: http://epuc. cchs.csic.es / resh . The magazine publishes MHCJ fourteen scientific papers per year, the format is online and is part of MediaLab UMH.




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21 December 2011