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The International Journalism Seminar (IJS) has closed its third edition with a final session in which Alejandra Lorente, a young UMH graduate, has spoken about her experience as a journalist and public relations representative in London and Madrid. Alexandra Lorente is currently directing the communication department of Openbank, the digital brand of the Santander bank. She has also worked as a journalist in the Agencia EFE, Canal 9 and Cadena SER, and in the hotel company Marriott International and the free newspaper El Iberico, both in London.

The students have received their certificates and the IJS has said goodbye until the next year, when it will return as optional course in English taught in 4th year of the Journalism degree: Structure of the Media. This course which will deal with the main companies and events of international journalism,  in order to improve the knowledge of the profession and the English language.

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Geir Conrad Tufte opens the International Journalim Seminar with a discussion of the media, politics and terrorism

Geir Conrad Tufte on his session in the International Journalism Seminar

Geir Conrad Tufte on his session in the International Journalism Seminar

The International Journalim Seminar (IJS) has started its third edition with the session of Geir Conrad Tufte, associate professor of the Østfold University College (Norway), about the mass media’s role in the case of Anders Behring Breivik. In this discussion, the researcher and expert in local democracy researcher has analyzed and criticized the behavior of media companies and the Norwegian government to the foregoing, the process and the condemnation of this terrorist that murdered 77 people in Oslo and Utoya on the 22 of July 2011. In addition, the professor of political science has commented the results of the U.S. election, in which Obama has been reelected, and its consequences from the European point of view.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 21st November in Torreblanca, where Beata Nowacka, from Poland, will speak about Riszard Kapucinsci’s journalism.

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The International Journalism Seminar returns in October in its third edition

The International Journalism Seminar (IJS) reaches its third edition this year with new questions, answers, challenges and opportunities facing the future of the profession. The first session will be held on October 17, when students will tell their summer experiences. In November, Geir Conrad Tufte and Dariusz Rott will offer their views on the state of journalism in Norway and Poland.

The demand for media professionals trained to deal with international audiences and coverage has risen dramatically, in response to the globalization of news and markets, and the increase in the number of multinational communications companies.

This Third International Seminar, organized by the Journalism Area of the University Miguel Hernández, intends to discuss the development of journalism in a global context.

The IJS offers monthly sessions with in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in the media industry. Each session consists of the speakers´ lecture, followed by questions and answers, with a great deal of interaction. You are encouraged to participate.

All sessions will be held in the “Classroom 0.5”, Torreblanca Building, Elche Campus, during week days.

Enrolment is free for UMH Journalism students with a medium and high level of English language.

A certificate will be awarded upon attendance to 80% of the lectures.

Applications should be sent to: José A. García Avilés, International Journalism Seminar director, before October 12th. Please include:

-Message title: International Journalism Seminar

-Your name & surname, address, ID Number, course you are enrolled, phone number, e-mail and five lines of your curriculum vitae (in English).

-Please, state your English level, certificates obtained & English courses attended.

Accepted applicants will receive notification by 14th October. Available places are limited.

This is the brochure of the seminar.

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The II International Journalism Seminar takes leave until next year course

The II International Journalism Seminar has organized its last session, in which students could express their views on the activities carried and propose ideas for future issues. In this way, the seminar says goodbye until next year course, when it will bring to the UMH some other important names of international journalism in order to improve the knowledge of the profession and to spoken English.

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A niche market: German Speaking Media in the Costa Blanca. II International Journalism Seminar

The Second International Journalism Seminar has reached its third session with the presentation led by Carl-Georg Boge, owner and editor of Wochenpost and In his talk, Boge has explained the main characteristics of his media company, which publishes a monthly newsletter and a website providing information on the timeliness of the north coast of Alicante for German readers.

In a difficult economic context, when very few professionals get contracts in traditional companies, this experience has showed students the possibility of starting a new and specialized business. To this purpose, Carl-Georg Boge has paid a special interest in finding a niche, a particular group of people to report. And, after many years of work, this reporter has thought the keys to the distribution, production and financing of a journalistic model on paper and online.

The next session of the Second International Journalism Seminar will be on February, after the exams, when Andy Kaltenbrunner, journalist and consultant ofMedienhaus Wien (Austria) will give his presentation on “innovation journalism”.

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Innovation in the media: From The New York Times to Twitter TV

The II International Journalism Seminar was held today. On this occasion, Professor of Journalism Jose Alberto García Avilés spoke about the emergence of new technology in traditional media at the conference: ‘Innovation in the media: from The New York Times to Twitter TV’

García Avilés explained the most important innovations introduced by international media companies, to renew the production of news, collaboration with users and the development of new narratives. The conference analyzed several cases of innovation in journalism, online media such as graphic designing in, the user comments in The Economist, research databases from The Guardian or the I-Report program aired on CNN.

In the seminar, organized by the ​​Journalism Area of he Department of Social Sciences and Human Sciences, participate 25 Journalism students of  with a high level of English, to discuss the developments in the field of communications and the media landscape in various European countries.

The next meeting will be Wednesday December 14th at 12.30pm in Torreblanca and as borne by the journalist Carl-Georg Boge, director of

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Nacho Ortiz on II International Journalism Seminar

On October 19th was opened the Second International Journalism Seminar organized by the Professor of Journalism, José A. García Avilés.

The first presentation was led by Nachor Ortiz, co-founder of Meristation: ‘The world videogame industry:building your career in a growing industry.»

Ortiz advised the students attending the conference that to getaway «must be genuine and above all, master new technologies and social networks.» «Travel, learn English and master the website are the keys to success,» he added.

Next Wednesday 23rdNovember, at 12.30 in the Salon de Grados (Torreblanca Building) will be next Session of the Second International Journalism Seminar, with Jose A. Garcia Aviles, UMH Journalism professor, who will speak about: “From the New York Times to The Guardian: Case studies of media innovation” | Descargar Podcast

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