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Journalism Trends: the profession in 2020 in the II International Journalism Seminar

The fourth session of the II International Seminar Journalism discussed the future of the profession. Andy Kaltenbrunner, journalist, consultant of Medienhaus Wien (Austria) and honorary professor of the Universidad Miguel Hernández gave a complete and dynamic presentation of the main innovations that journalism is undergoing worldwide.

In his conference, «Innovation Journalissm» Kaltenbrunner analyzed some cases of evolution in the media. For example, he spoke about the transformation that is experiencing the BBC, where multimedia communication and newsroom integration is the central theme, or the changes in the way of working developed in The Guardian. In addition, Kaltenbrunner stressed the importance of building international media business, with a reach in global markets, such as the Axel Springer group.

In this session, the interactivity with the audience was very important. Several students were able to present their views on major issues such as innovations in technology, products, marketing and services. Kaltenbrunner also recommended an interesting work of Robert G. Picard about business models in digital media, and showed a video made by Fox TV, in order to criticize the excesses of using technological devices in the news. But above all, the media consultant highlighted the importance of quality of contents and the ability to think for the future of journalism.

The next session of the II International Journalism Seminar will be held on Wednesday, 7th of March, when Jedrzej Morawiecki, reporter and professor of the University of Wroclaw (Poland) will speak on “investigative reporting”.

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A niche market: German Speaking Media in the Costa Blanca. II International Journalism Seminar

The Second International Journalism Seminar has reached its third session with the presentation led by Carl-Georg Boge, owner and editor of Wochenpost and In his talk, Boge has explained the main characteristics of his media company, which publishes a monthly newsletter and a website providing information on the timeliness of the north coast of Alicante for German readers.

In a difficult economic context, when very few professionals get contracts in traditional companies, this experience has showed students the possibility of starting a new and specialized business. To this purpose, Carl-Georg Boge has paid a special interest in finding a niche, a particular group of people to report. And, after many years of work, this reporter has thought the keys to the distribution, production and financing of a journalistic model on paper and online.

The next session of the Second International Journalism Seminar will be on February, after the exams, when Andy Kaltenbrunner, journalist and consultant ofMedienhaus Wien (Austria) will give his presentation on “innovation journalism”.

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