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A niche market: German Speaking Media in the Costa Blanca. II International Journalism Seminar

The Second International Journalism Seminar has reached its third session with the presentation led by Carl-Georg Boge, owner and editor of Wochenpost and In his talk, Boge has explained the main characteristics of his media company, which publishes a monthly newsletter and a website providing information on the timeliness of the north coast of Alicante for German readers.

In a difficult economic context, when very few professionals get contracts in traditional companies, this experience has showed students the possibility of starting a new and specialized business. To this purpose, Carl-Georg Boge has paid a special interest in finding a niche, a particular group of people to report. And, after many years of work, this reporter has thought the keys to the distribution, production and financing of a journalistic model on paper and online.

The next session of the Second International Journalism Seminar will be on February, after the exams, when Andy Kaltenbrunner, journalist and consultant ofMedienhaus Wien (Austria) will give his presentation on “innovation journalism”.

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